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About Us


Heather Lundervold
Owner | Instructor | Coach

Do you ever wonder how some Christmas trees look so amazing? or how do professional decorators decorate for Christmas? Well you have come to the right place.  Here at Christmas Design Institute, we love Christmas and are passionate about teaching and helping others. 

Originally, Christmas Design Institute was born because Heather needed more employees and designers to work on her Elves to the Rescue installation and design company crew.  Elves to the Rescue is so busy during the season helping existing customers fill their homes, businesses and resorts with holiday cheer that they could not take on any more new clients.  That is a problem!  After 6 months of research and not finding the right content online to teach new employees holiday design, Heather realized she would have to teach her new staff herself and VOILA!  Christmas Design Institute was born. 

Now,  with Christmas Design Institute, Heather is teaching students from all over the world.  Her students are enjoying the online school business and mentorship program, Decorate Like A Pro design classes, webinars, facebook lives, our facebook design groups, email communication and  learning everything there is to know about Christmas design and operating a successful business. Whether it is designing for your own home or making six figures, you can learn everything you need to know at Christmas Design Institute. Join Heather and her fellow students for fun, holiday cheer and the love for Christmas. 

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