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Why Choose Christmas Design Institute?

Why Choose Christmas Design Institute And What We Do?

Do you ever wonder how some Christmas trees look so amazing? or how do professional decorators decorate for Christmas? Or are you interested in becoming a professional designer and owning your own business? If so, then this is the place for you. Here at Christmas Design Institute, we love Christmas and are passionate about teaching and helping others.

Heather Lundervold is the Owner. Instructor and creator of Christmas Design Institute. She has been designing Christmas for over 22 years. She owned her own flower shop for over a decade. Heather has also started, owned and operated several other successful businesses. She has been featured in the Phoenix Home & Gardens magazine, Fontdoors publication, several news channels, TV Shows and American Dream for her designs. Heather has worked alongside of many other professional Christmas decorators through her career to learn the elements and principles of Christmas design. She is a graduate of AIFD flower design school and has a marketing degree from ASU and Phoenix College. Her client list includes celebrities, high profile entertainers, business owners, professional athletes and coaches, resorts, residential and commercial properties. When it comes to Christmas design Heather has done it all.

Heather sold her flower shop in 2009 and opened Elves to the Rescue, Professional Holiday Decorating. She has been designing Christmas for her clients ever since. She has learned there are limited resources for others to learn how to design Christmas or start their own business so she opened Christmas Design Institute. She is now teaching her students the principles of Christmas design, how to properly start, run and grow a business.

Become a Professional Christmas Decorator through our business mentoring program or DECORATE LIKE A PRO - Designer series

The mentoring program is a step by step guide and 20 module system to owning your Christmas design business. The DECORATE LIKE A PRO - Designer series is 15 design classes for those who would like to learn Christmas design for their own personal use and also part of the mentorship program for those who would like to earn income as a designer.

Go at your own pace and there are many options available to customize your experience to fit your needs exactly. Through the module system, we will walk you through the steps and teach you everything you will need to know about operating your own Christmas holiday design business. We will cover everything from principles of design, starting your business, marketing, maintaining customers, employees, bidding quotes, working as a professional decorator and much much more.

Upon completion of the mentorship program, you will have full understanding on how to run your business. Most importantly you will gain knowledge on how to creatively design and use everything you have learned for years to come in your new career! You will get a certificate of completion when you complete either training program and lifetime access to Heather for support and questions. You may work on her crew with Elves to the Rescue for on the job training, shadowing, crew leader or crew help in conjunction with taking your own clients. Heather will also refer you clients to get your business started. This is a program to guarantee you success! DECORATE LIKE A PRO is a design program to teach you everything you need to know about becoming a designer whether that is for personal use or for profit. Join the Christmas club membership after completion for continued education, marketing and business building assistance.

Heather is one of the best in the industry. Whether you want to design for fun or make six figures, she can teach you everything you need to know. Join Heather Lundervold, and learn how to decorate like a Christmas pro!

Webinars: We offer webinars that go into more detail if you are just not sure what this is all about or would just like more information. We also offer private calls as well. Check our calendar for upcoming webinars or special request by email,

  1. Become a Professional Holiday Decorator - DECORATE LIKE A PRO- Designer Series

  2. Start your Own Christmas Decorating Business/Coaching and Mentoring

Contact us today for more information on our classes and mentoring program. EMAIL:

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