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What Is The Mentorship and Design Program?

Welcome to our private coaching, mentorship and design program. "Decorate Like A Pro" !

The DECORATE LIKE A PRO - Designer series is 15 design classes for those who would like to learn Christmas design for their own personal use and also part of the mentorship program for those who would like to earn income as a designer.

Design Classes Offered:

  1. Beautiful Bows and Ribbon Techniques

  2. Holiday Wreaths & Swags

  3. Stunning Garlands, Fresh and Artificial Foliage

  4. Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

  5. The Ultimate Christmas Home Decorating Guide

  6. How To Store Your Decor, Lighting and Troubleshooting Tips

  7. Elements and Principles of Design

  8. 101 Professional Christmas Design Tips

  9. Decor Shopping/Design Recipes and Themes

  10. Exterior Decor

  11. Christmas On A Budget

  12. Designing a Fresh Christmas

  13. Get Ready Set Your Holiday Table

  14. Gift Wrapping 101

  15. Become a Professional Holiday Decorator

The mentorship program is a 20 module step by step guide to owning your own Christmas design business. Tailored to be the best experience, completed at your pace and ensures your entire understanding of the design industry by the end of the program. Our program gives you the tools to be your own boss and start your own business and DECORATE LIKE A PRO! Go at your own pace and there are many options available to customize your experience to fit your needs exactly. You may also join the Christmas club membership after completion for continued education, marketing and business building assistance. You may also work with Heather on her crew shadowing, crew leader or crew help in conjunction with taking your own clients.

Enroll in our "Decorate Like A Pro" - designer series and/or 20 module coaching/mentorship program and learn everything you need to know about becoming a professional holiday decorator and/or business owner! Do it for fun or make it a 6 figure business!

Perks Include:

* Free Continued Education Courses

*Marketing & Business Building Assistance

*Crew Leader & Work Directly with Heather

*Lifetime access to the course and to Heather

*Guaranteed success with referrals to start your business

*Private business coaching

*Mentee module manual

*Private meetings

*Phone calls

*Facetime and zoom meetings.

*Course study and design classes with hands on application

Webinars: We offer webinars that go into more detail if you are just not sure what this is all about or would just like more information. We also offer private calls as well. Check our calendar for upcoming webinars or special request by email,

  1. Become a Professional Holiday Decorator - DECORATE LIKE A PRO- Designer Series

  2. Start your Own Christmas Decorating Business/Coaching and Mentoring

Contact us today for more information on our classes and mentoring program. EMAIL:

Visit our Facebook page: Christmas Design Institute

Visit Our Facebook Page: Elves to The Rescue

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