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What is the Cost? Is There a Payment Plan Available?

Online Academy and Mentorship FULL PROGRAM VALUES AT $1,199.99 and $499.99

NOW 20% Off = $1,040.00 SAVE $259.99

= 25 modules, coaching and online course study

Is There is a Payment Plan? YES!

Installment plans (4) of $299.99 are offered

Each installment pays for a section of the modules. The modules are broken down into segments as you work to complete the entire program. After each installment paid you will receive coaching for those modules.

Private Business Coaching Modules:

________Payment 1

  1. Goal Setting: Discovery and Strategy Session: How much do you want to make by when?

  2. Business Development: Business name/registration, LLC creation, federal EIN number, TPT business license, logo, tagline, insurance, tax preparation

  3. Social Media and Website Creation

  4. Marketing Platforms, Flyer creation, Business Card Creation

  5. Design Recipes and Themes

_______Payment 2

6. Principles of Design, Christmas Design Terminology

7. 101 Professional Christmas Design Tips

8. Ordering product: Where to shop (online, retail locations, wholesalers) purchasing tips

9. How and what to charge, Writing Proposals, Client Proposal Sheet, Bidding a Job,

10. Acquiring and Keeping Clients, Customer Service

________Payment 3

11. Cold Calling, Business files: Invoices, measurements sheet, blank client's day sheet, price comparison, profit sheet,

12. Hiring Employees, Management and Employee Files

13. Creating a Holiday Rental Business

14. Hotel/Resort Designing

15. How to Take Down Clients Decor

________Payment 4

16. Business Needs: Supply list, toolbox list, bring to the job list,

2 nd crew (employee) list

17. Attending Gift and Trade Shows, Conventions and Wholesale Purchasing

18. Shadowing Heather: On the job or on the job training coaching

19. Become a Master Designer

(Take all 12 DECORATE LIKE A PRO design classes)

  1. Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

  2. Beautiful Bows and Ribbon Techniques

  3. The Ultimate Christmas Decorating Guide

  4. Christmas On A Budget

  5. Holiday Wreaths & Swags

  6. Gorgeous Garlands

  7. Floral Arranging & Holiday Centerpieces

  8. Storing Your Decor, Lighting and Troubleshooting

  9. Get Ready Set Your Holiday Table

  10. Gift Wrapping 101

  11. Fall Decor 101

  12. Make Your Home Spooktacular

20. Graduation Certificate

21. Become a Christmas Design Affiliate Partner

23. Work on the Elves to the Rescue Crew as a crew member or intern

24. Book your first Job

25. Install your first job

You may enroll in just the design classes:

Enroll in our Designer “Decorate Like a Pro” - Design Series

The designer program is for those who would like to learn Christmas design for their own personal use or for those who would like to earn income as a designer. Once you complete the 15 decorate like a pro classes you will receive a certificate of completion and a recommendation from Heather for employment. You also can be employed by our sister company Elves to the Rescue design crew during the holidays. You may work as a designer, lead designer, or crew leader. Each position is based on experience. We employ full time and part time Sept-Jan.

12 design classes = $499.99 ($780.00 RETAIL VALUE)

or each class is $65 ala carte

15 Design Classes Offered:

  1. Beautiful Bows and Ribbon Techniques

  2. Holiday Wreaths & Swags

  3. Stunning Garlands, Fresh and Artificial Foliage

  4. Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

  5. The Ultimate Christmas Home Decorating Guide

  6. How To Store Your Decor, Lighting and Troubleshooting Tips

  7. Elements and Principles of Design

  8. 101 Professional Christmas Design Tips

  9. Decor Shopping/Design Recipes and Themes

  10. Exterior Decor

  11. Christmas On A Budget

  12. Designing a Fresh Christmas

  13. Get Ready Set Your Holiday Table

  14. Gift Wrapping 101

  15. Become a Professional Holiday Decorator

Webinars: We offer webinars that go into more detail if you are just not sure what this is all about or would just like more information. We also offer private calls as well. Check our calendar for upcoming webinars or special request by email,

  1. Become a Professional Holiday Decorator - DECORATE LIKE A PRO- Designer Series

  2. Start your Own Christmas Decorating Business/Coaching and Mentoring

Contact us today for more information on our classes and mentoring program: Email

Visit our Facebook page: Christmas Design Institute

Visit Our Facebook Page: Elves to The Rescue


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