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Holiday Wreaths & Swags

There are so many different ways you can make a holiday wreath. After learning the basics of design you can apply the principles to any style of wreath for any season.


Following our simple steps you will learn how to design and create beautiful wreaths that coordinate with your holiday theme!  Let your imagination run wild and make professional looking wreaths for any occasion.


What will be covered:

  • Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas Ideas

  • Choosing Your Design & Space 

  • Things to Consider For Your Design: Weather, Wreath Weight, Storage

  • Designing with Grapevine, Pine, Hoops, Wire, Work Wreath Form 

  • Designing With Nontraditional Wreath Shapes

  • How To Determine The Perfect Size Wreath For Your Space

  • Choosing Products: Florals, Ornaments, Ribbon  & Decor

  • DIY Dollar Store Wreath Ideas 

  • Supplies You Will Need

This class is currently offered 2 ways:

1. On demand video with lifetime access. You can view and refer back as many times as you would like. 

2. Webinar held on Wednesdays.  This is a interactive power point webinar where you will learn and can ask questions.

The webinar is recorded and will be available to watch at your convenience.  


After registration, you will be emailed to choose your class. 

1. On Demand Video

2. Schedule Webinar, receive zoom link

3. Both - With your class purchase, you may request both the on demand video and the webinar.


Click here to visit and like our facebook page for our designer days, Merry Monday and Festive Friday. Get the latest design tips and upcoming class notifications and more.

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