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Christmas Design Institute

Design Academy

Welcome To Our Private Coaching & Mentorship Program

"Decorate Like A Pro"


Have you ever been curious about becoming a professional

holiday decorator or owning your own business?

Enroll in our "Decorate Like A Pro" 48 module coaching/mentor

program and learn everything you need to know about becoming

a professional holiday decorator. 

Do it for fun or make it a lucrative 6-7 figure business!

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The Christmas Design Institute Mentorship program coaches you through everything you need to know about starting, owning and operating your own Christmas and holiday design business. Join Heather Lundervold, and learn how to decorate like a Christmas and Holiday Pro! 


Learn all the tips of the pros through our classroom and online classes and school. Here we teach you principles and elements of design and everything you need to know about becoming and working as a professional decorator.

Mentorship is a worthy investment

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Invest in Yourself

Mentorship is a worthy investment

When you are looking to learn a new skill, it pays to work with a mentor. Our program is custom to your goals both in design and business! 

With extensive business experience, beautiful design skills, and positive teaching style, Heather Lundervold will guide you to your future success. 

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What's Included in the Program:

48 Private Business Coaching Modules

1-4 Business Relations

5-17 Running Your Business

18-22 Employee Relations 

23-31 Design Principles 

32-48 Decorate Like A Pro Designer Series 

1. Goal Setting, Discovery,
& Strategy Session

What are you looking to get out of the Christmas Design Institute Mentorship program? We will go over your big picture business goals!

2. Business

We will walk you through all the steps to getting your business all set up. Business name/registration, LLC creation, federal EIN number, TPT business license, logo, tagline, insurance, tax preparation

3. Social Media Coaching &
Website Creation

Create and optimize your social media pages and website for the best results possible.

4. Marketing

5. What to charge your client

6. Resorts, Hotels and Commercial Clients

Develop your marketing plan with our fill in the blank outline, Learn marketing Platforms, Flyer creation, Business Card Creation and all your needed marketing tools. 

Feel confident in what you charge in exchange for your design skills!.  Bidding a job, Writing Proposals, Proposal Sheet 

Learn how to gain clients in the hospitality industry and design for hotels & resorts and commercial Clients. Learn how to create a commercial design, write a proposal and bid a job.

7. Customer Relations: Thank You Gifts, Customer Service, Cold Calling, Acquiring & Keeping Clients

8. Agreement for Holiday Decorating and Associated Services

9. Blank Client Day Sheet

Learn the best strategies for acquiring & keeping clients and sharpen your customer service skills.

10. Holiday Decorating Invoice

11. Holiday Plant Service

12, Profit Spreadsheet for Installs

Know your margins and utilize tools to scale your business every year

13. Taking Down Clients Decor

Take down is a service you clients will want.  Create organized systems for client décor takedown and disassembly. Learn how to properly take down and store your client's decor.

14. Holiday Rental Decor Price Sheet

 15. Rental Checklist, Profit Sheet, Rental Shopping Checklist

Create organized systems for client rentals and designs

16. Launching Your Business, Client Referral Program

When you are graduated and ready to go out on your own we will be there every step of the way.  You will also receive referrals to get you started.  

17. On the Job Training, Design for your own clients

Get on the job training by working with or shadowing

Heather and her team.

 Elves to the Rescue LLC is Heather's professional install company which will lend you the opportunity to get hands on experience and prepare you to go out on your own. 

18. Staff Member Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures are important in running a successful company. These documents are free and available to you as part of the mentorship program.   

19. Staff Member Hire Checklist

20. Independent Contractor Agreement

21 . Staff Member Payroll and Timesheet

 22. Staff Member Accountability Form and Non-Compete

 22. Staff Member Accountability Form and Non-Compete

 24. Themes

Learn different styles of decor and themes you can create.

25. Principles of Design

Learn the principles of design which are the rules a designer must follow to create an effective and attractive composition.  

26. Industry Terminology

27. Design Recipes, Measurement Sheet and Themes

Learn different design recipes and measurements to make your shopping easy

28. Wholesalers, Retail Stores, Purchasing Tips

29. Supply List

Decorate Like A Pro Design Series 

Module 32 -

Decorate Your Tree Like  pro 

Module 33 -

Beautiful Bows & Ribbon Techniques 

Module 34 -

The Ultimate Christmas Decorating Guide 

Module 35 -

Christmas On A Budget 

31. Exterior Decor

Decorate Like A Pro Design Series


Module 36 - 

Holiday Wreaths & Swags 

Module 37 - 

Gorgeous Garlands 

Module 38 - 

Floral Arranging & Holiday Centerpieces 

Module 39 - 

Storing Your Decor, Lighting & Troubleshooting 

30. Tool Box and Bring to Job Checklist

Show up to every job prepared!

Decorate Like A Pro Design Series

Module 40 - 

Get Ready Set Your Table 

Module 41 - 

Gift Wrapping 101

Module 42 - 

Fall Decor 101 

Module 43 - 

Make Your Home Spooktacular!

44. Going to Market -
Wholesale Travel, Networking

Learn the ins and outs of attending Gift and Trade Shows, Conventions, and Wholesale Purchasing

45.  Become a Christmas Design Institute Affiliate

Partner with Christmas Design Institute and become an affiliate partner.  Earn commissions by referring others to the program.  

46. Graduation Certificate

47. VIP Weekend Intensive Holiday Design Experience

Spend a weekend with Heather and other students of Christmas Design Institute to learn the principles of design and hands-on experience. 

48. Becoming a Master Designer

Enroll in the Christmas Design Institute Advanced Designer Course


Become a Master Designer!

Our mentorship program also includes access to all of our in-depth Christmas Design online classes!

Learn more about the individual classes below.


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